child abuse and murder

Where does this end, If you read the bible at all, this becomes frightening!Mark13:12 says brother will deliver brother to death as well as father delivering a child(para phrased)

Boy can you see it. Jesslyn Lirette my prayers go with you!

I pray the death of her 7yr old disabled son was a fast one, I normally would not hope for such things, in this case the little child from what i gathered was Bludgeoned to death, then decapitated.

“Thibodaux police say the boy’s father and their chief suspect has no history of mental illness. In his confession he gave no explanation for why he killed his son, leaving his dismembered body on the side of the road.
Through tears Jesslyn Lirette remembered her son, a 7-year-old defenseless boy with cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair known for his smile(”

I really wish i could understand why all this love of murder, I do not watch those types of movies nor will my kids, i really cannot fathom taking the life of another human. I have a hard time cutting up a whole chicken much less chopping up a persons body. What makes someone have the ability to do such things?

How can anyone that does these things, do this? How can they sleep at night ?

Makes me ashamed of being human.


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