Ame Deal Murder

It’s a sad harsh world

This Really is sad,I Have been watching news reports on little Ame deal,It makes me sick really.It is so sad that this child was basically abandoned by any family, a man claims he is her father unknowing of her where abouts seriously? What i cannot understand, is if these people hated this child so much why not send her to the state child protective services and say her mother dropped her off. Child would had been safe and she would have been out of their hair! I usually don’t say this but i hope they are charged with highest punishments the Law can hand down. These people do not need to be near children, at all ever! I do not know their side of the story,”Except originally they said she was playing hide and seek when the game turned deadly!”They later changed that story. the real one anyway, but seeing this child was way under weight someone should have done something sooner. Protect our kids first. I am not for LE becoming to overly involved in families lives, but if you see a child being so neglected or abused DO SOMETHING you could just be a hero and save a life!
Okay so i read that the 4 people that are responsible for her death will be arraigned on August 17th. Since i didn’t write it about i will recap on Little Ame Deal’s torture, She was Born to her parents Kenny Griest From Pennsylvania Claims he is the girls biological father although her birth certificate states David Deal has her father. Shirly Deal the child’s mother, said she left her 3 children in that home with these violent people,when she fled for her life! Her statement was That they tortured and abused me, but i trusted them, with the lives of my 3 children!This makes no sense to me, Ame deal was a beautiful girl,who was according to neighbors forced to walk the streets (barefoot) as punishment, problem is this was middle of summer and she lived in Phoenix Arizona where temperatures can reach 120 degrees.At least on one occasion she was forced to eat dog feces after she failed to clean all of it up from the yard!
Ame Deal would wet the bed, like a lot of children who have been abused at that age. They punished her by making her sleep in the shower without pillow or blanket.
One might think What in the world did this child do, to be punished so severe well she stole a Popsicle, probably after her family dehydrated her.or starved her or a combination.
Most kids get a time out for a few minutes for taking a Popsicle before dinner.Ame Deal’s punishment was a Death Sentence.

Neighbors say, that all the 12 kids living at the Deal home would walk the streets all hours of the night, were always Dirty and with out clothing or shoes!

Neighbors also say they believe Ame Deal became the Scape Goat for all the kids bad behavior. Ame would repeatedly be forced into back bends that could last hours,she was often starved weighing in at roughly 59 pounds at death. This case has been slow to update, making it hard to follow. I do know there had been hundreds of people in Ame Deal’s life who could have saved her. DCS through many states had been involved with this family, and they ran.

Ame Deal and all children who died from abuse or neglect
I wish i could have saved you,
And Protected you from harm,
To have kept you safe from all
those things while
your cries went unheard
Your death has made a impact
on abuse so near and far
your life was filled with
Horrible things a Nightmare
i bet by far
The dwindling pain in your dying breath
has scarred us all forever,
but love you now have
as your plight disappears
in gods arms you’ll be forever.


PHOENIX — Four family members have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges in the death of a 10-year-old girl whose body was found in a plastic storage box.

John M. Allen, 23; Samantha Allen, 23; Judith Deal, 72, and Cynthia Stoltzmann, 34, were arraigned Wednesday in Maricopa County Superior Court.

An initial pretrial conference was set for Sept. 29.

The Allens also are charged with conspiracy to commit child abuse and multiple counts of child abuse in the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal.

Judith Deal, the girl’s grandmother, and Stoltzmann, her aunt, are charged with multiple counts of child abuse in the case.

The indictments allege that on July 11, John Allen locked Ame in a storage box as a punishment as his wife watched. Allen and the other adults in the household then went to sleep and Ame died in the box, authorities said. Her death initially was reported as a tragic accident resulting from a game of hide-and-seek.

Phoenix Police investigators later determined that the incident was the latest in a long history of abusive acts perpetrated on Ame.

“This horrific case has deeply disturbed not only the citizens of Maricopa County, but people throughout the country as it offends the essence of what it means to be a parent or guardian of a young child,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery in announcing the indictments Wednesday. “Instead of caring for Ame Deal, we are alleging that these family members utterly failed her. My office will spare no effort in seeking justice for Ame and ensuring the public has confidence in the result.”

John and Samantha Allen are currently in custody on a $1 million cash bond. Judith Deal and Cynthia Stoltzmann are held on a $500,000 cash bond.


One Response to “Ame Deal Murder”

  1. This story breaks my heart. I know the neighbors must be feeling a lot of guilt, knowing that they had an opportunity to save this child. I am hoping that anyone who witnesses or suspects abuse, will now see why you cannot turn the other cheek.

    RIP Ame Deal. I promise to share this story and bring more awareness to the community.

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