my poems

Love 2008

The Fear in my heart, Your dream in my mind The love of my life and the tear in my eye

The love that i have words cannot define, but the words sound so loudly when your heart speaks to mine

your all of my dreams and the blessing is mine they day that you walked into my life

I love you Travis with all that i am

united 2004

Passion Growing, Blood starts boiling,A wonderful feeling starts growing,Need desire love and faith All things cherished all things hated hearts on fire a love so new what would they give ?what they would do! One more night just one more day to show her love for that she prayed.Yearning hearts a love so true,leaving her he won’t ever do her love he wants her heart he keeps treats her special loves her deeply…She aches for him needs his touch wants his kisses needs his love,She loves him more then any other wants him near needs no other For the have finally come together for they have”United” United forever Wrote August 2004


The nightmare continues and the thought never ends
I dream such a sweet dream but that dream has to end
what do i do and where do i try,will i make it better or
should i not try. I go to sleep weary and ready for dead.
I wake the next morning and i try again for him.

But what when he gives up? I feel lost in the breeze
I’m just so tired of nightmares like these.
lost and alone no reason to fight
i find a small corner to curl up and cry

Why do these nightmares hound my dreams
why do they come true,when the morning sings
why is it life is so hard on me?

Hero (the pit bull puppy)2008

The pain in my heart, and the fear in my mind
Became a reality the night that you died
My little Hero that struggled to survive
Gave into the pain that wrecked his young life

He was abused and beaten by mom
it hurt him so deeply,and it starved him of life

Why do you turn and ignore his small cries
as he begs for help ,for his young precious life

His kisses at midnight and snuggles at dawn
he just wanted to feel he belonged

So why would you turn from that life in need
Because he’s a dog ?,well thats down right mean!

You love your children,your husband or wife
why not this puppy,your best friend in life?

Ignoring the problem,don’t make it alright
they all need Our help to fight this hard fight

lets end this abuse,make people aware
walk the long path,show people you care

*remember a man that can beat a dog
can beat a child ,he can take a life
and have no feeling at all*

How do i live?,i’ve lost the fight.. How do i mend? when they hurt holds on tight

I can’t over come this,it slowly consumes me,death becomes life

as the night over comes me.. The hurt in my heart

burns deep in my soul ,like a demon of wrath Unwilling to let go

I hate this rejection as it cradles me tight

But the road laid before me, is my only plight

I feel like running,to cower and hide

But what for the wee one when he wakes up crying?

I don’t understand this Dark Void inside

but the fear is so real he will leave me to die


He looks back to another time, looking at the contour of her mind. wanting so much just to please her, make her happy he’ll never leave her…
One night there was a twist of fate, his love for her would always ache….
She left him but not for another,she died that night and he is lost without her,he searches for her,needs her touch.. He can’t seem to find the same kind of love, He twists and turns and aches and yearns! I pray for him i hope he learns that , Time is his greatest friend he is going to hurt , his heart needs to mend.. One day another woman will take her place, love him deeply with beauty and grace, and with this new love stronger then before… She will take his heart and they will Soar.

Wrote for a very good friend Orion who lost his wife in a auto accident
september 2005

No longer your victim
No more a Victim , I’m no longer yours Picking up the pieces left on the floor,no more the old me no more complete filling the spaces Making a new me,a Renewal of life , A second Chance, this time i will make it, No looking back ! ! october 2006

Laying here its almost done, the hurt i feel the pain from that gun

I think of how you use to say

I love you dear with all my heart

now look at me i’m torn apart

nothings as it use to be

you crushed my dreams and turned from me

Wrote April 2005

when i look at you,your not what i see
abuse what all you ever showed me,not the man that i love,
but a man of a lie
so ready so sure of me as a prize

you thought you could own me , control me i’m yours
to much endurance was my biggest curse
Wrote july 2005

Bouncing babies and lullabies
he looks up as his lonely mom cries
A fateful night, and a twist of fate..
would cause her heart to forever break
The grim reapers death ,the angels light
Her husband died that dark rainy night
A tractor trailer looses control,
crashed his car and then explodes
as she hold her baby and gently weeps
she hears that angel softly sing
As the heavens call her husbands name

What did i ever see in you,was i lonely or simply confused
you promised that you would always love me
but hurt was all you ever showed me
in all this pain I forgot who i was
lost in a dream of being in love.
sept 2005


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